A new swing for the City

Dubrovnik- a new swing for the City

By developing project Golf Park Dubrovnik with the golf courses, Dubrovnik will offer a new experience to its visitors. Quality entertainment and gastronomy will contribute to Dubrovnik becoming one of the most important destinations of the Mediterranean. 

  • extending of the tourist season
  • new jobs

Golf Park Dubrovnik will open more than 1000 attractive new jobs. Guided by the principles of social responsibility, we encourage training and education of young people in collaboration with the Universities in Dubrovnik. By developing our vision of project and in a parallel we would like to give an opportunity to the young people to be a part of the team which will take over management and be a part of the changes.

We are paying special attention to employment of local population, companies, individuals and with preference given to residents of Bosanka village and the Town of Dubrovnik.

  • Increase the total value of property
  • High economic multipliers (estimate is 0.1% of GDP in the construction phase)