Golf Park Dubrovnik Project

The Golf Park Dubrovnik Project will be an example of environmental sensitivity, sustainability, and advanced design, inspired by the unique beauty of this natural environment. The beauty and power of this site enable us to create a unique and unforgettable experience, in harmony with the spirit and tradition of this city. We will provide an unforgettable stay, services, recreational options, and utilisation of cultural and natural resources.

The Golf Park Dubrovnik will fully evaluate the unused area of the mountain of Srđ, which is an iconic part of Dubrovnik's history. By returning the plateau of 350 acres to the residents of Dubrovnik, the Golf Park Dubrovnik will create a continuous connection between the Srđ Plateau and the city of Dubrovnik by creating a sporting, recreational, globally renowned attraction, and a lively place for relaxation and entertainment.

The development of the golf centre with a number of related facilities creates a new, competitive tourist product, which guarantees exclusivity, high consumption, the revitalization of rural areas and the maximum extension of the tourist season.

Complementing the existing tourist attraction, or better to say to something that Dubrovnik is missing, and that is, in addition to the golf course, a variety of sporting and recreational facilities, attractive restaurants, entertainment and shopping facilities, top class accommodation facilities, which will adhere to the highest standards.

The golf courses of 18 and 9 holes have been personally designed by Greg Norman, one of the most famous golfers in history, who is today one of the most wanted golf course designers. Greg Norman's Golf Course Design Company (, has developed more than 100 golf courses on six continents, seven of which are in Europe; with golf courses in Croatia being the latest project.

Greg Norman is known for his approach that each field must be unique, and provide a unique experience to remember. In addition, he is also known for minimal interventions in the area and respect of the natural features of the environment.

By employing renowned international companies to develop plans we want to ensure the best possible experience and attraction to our visitors.

At this point, some of the most famous Croatian and International architects have already developed conceptual designs of the various facilities at the Golf Park Dubrovnik.