Golf Park Dubrovnik Vision

 Golf Park Dubrovnik Vision

Vision of Golf Park Dubrovnik project is to bring together an extraordinary natural environment with the expertise of the finest visionaries in the world, to create the best golf courses in the world and to develop biggest Greenfield investment in this part of Europe. A unique collaboration between rich local history and culture and local and world leading architects who will shape this extraordinary development into unique oasis of sport, natural beauty and luxury in the Mediterranean area.

Adhering to the highest environmental standards and principles we will provide to our fellow citizens and visitors an unforgettable experience which will contribute to presentation of Dubrovnik, local community and its surrounding at their very best.

Golf Park Dubrovnik will encompass a number of outstanding sports and recreation facilities including the world’s finest golf courses, a recreational park running through the resort, cycling and riding trails, cultural epicenter of art and music in amphitheater, all around the beauty of Imperial Fortress, the residences which will be unsurpassed standard of lifestyle with perfect combination of Mediterranean Landscape.

Dubrovnik is the world famous city with a rich history and by implementing Dubrovnik authentic architecture, tradition, gastronomy and focusing on the concept of environmentally sensitive and sustainable development we want to contribute to the local community.

Golf Park Dubrovnik will be leading brand that would become a synonym for quality, lifestyle and best service provided to all citizens and visitors of Dubrovnik.