MUSIC FESTIVAL ‘’WTF’’ BEGIN – Dubrovnik Festival in domestic production 

Every year, on our coast, more and more increasingly, global electronic brands are coming. Even Dubrovnik is not skipped from festival mania of great music. However, unlike the festivals in international productions across our coast, the Pearl of Adriatic, got the festival this year in domestic production with an interesting name – WTF. But these three letters do not mean what you originally associated.

The three-day audiovisual festival ‘’ WTF Dubrovnik’’ is the first open-air festival in Dubrovnik, that will be opened on Friday, August 5th, in front of the Fort Imperial on the Srd at 22:00 h.


Festival ‘’ WTF Dubrovnik’’ is organized by the non-profit organization ‘’Kazin ‘’, whose goal is to promote all forms of the urban culture, development of the independent cultural and artistic expression, stimulation and promotion all forms of activities for young population in the field of music, art, video and photography.


For the first time the Plato of the Fort Imperial becomes an attractive summer stage on which will perform the legend of the electronic music, Kevin Yost and local DJ’s Audiometric and Torres, who will play back 2 back set, Djivo aka dBA and Flora & Lija.  Whit this event, the Fort Imperial joins the list of Croatian party stronghold.

The second evening of the festival will be held in Lazareti and on Komarda where will perform the local DJ’s Zookey, Peter and Maroja and regional DJ’s: Pion, Jaksa Pavičevićte Wecky & Jux.

The third and final night of the festival will be held on a ship that will sail at 22:00 h and which will feature Jamie Anderson, Bronski & Hery, Klabika Collective and local support Denis T, Benxi and Funk You.

Source: MixMag Adria, 04.08.2016.