Description of public facilities

 Description of public facilities

The area of the golf course will be an exclusive space designed for only a selected clientele. Careful planning of the area and the definition of public facilities achieves a balance between the number of public facilities and the golf itself.

The mountain of Srđ with its great differences in altitudes in the north, west and south is largely defined and physically separated from the rest of the area. The small population, with only a few villages and agricultural areas contributes to this as well.

The changes of the landscape will change the social and physical image and the very essence of the area. Logical additions to this sequence are the newly created public spaces.

The basic needs of the people and visitors of a modern metropolis have been identified and provided within the newly designed space. Historical and cultural values of the mountain of Srđ (forts, agricultural areas, military infrastructure, Homeland War Memorial) are revitalized emphasising their existence, and new patterns of usage.

The easier access to the hill by reconstructed railway, roads, and hiking trails will improve the offer to tourists and life in Dubrovnik and its surroundings. Attractive vistas, cultural and educational facilities, and modern park areas are ideal for tourist visits while the people can enjoy the facilities all year long.