Impact of Project Golf Park Dubrovnik on Tourism and Economy in Dubrovnik

This Study is a part of Environmental Impact Study of Sports and Recreation Center with Golf Courses on „Srđ“, and was created for the purposes of the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection.

The study of “Impact of Project Golf Park Dubrovnik on Tourism and Economy in Dubrovnik’’ clearly shows all the parameters of the Golf Park Dubrovnik’s economic impact on the City of Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik and Neretva County, but also the impact that the project will have on the country’s budget.

This study was created by one of the utmost native economic specialists, PhD Hrvoje Pende who, for the purposes of economic analysis, created a complete review of economic status of the City of Dubrovnik. In this way, the interested public can see all of the aspects of the impact of the project of Golf Park Dubrovnik on Dubrovnik’s economy.

PhD Hrvoje Pende introduced his analysis to the citizens of Dubrovnik at public presentation of Environmental Impact Study on January 8th 2013. In his detailed research, he showed all of the economic aspects of the project with all its advantages. He also presented all of the disadvantages of the current Dubrovnik’s offer.