At this point the project's scope includes only the minimal infrastructural facilities which are already utilised to supply the village of Bosanka.

The prerequisites for the development of the Golf Park Dubrovnik Project and for the expansion and development of the villages of Bosanka and Gornji Brgat are the construction of an infrastructure that would provide road access, water supply, electricity and collection of sewage and drainage.With the construction of infrastructure facilities (electricity, water, roads) the entire area of the mountain of Srđ and Gornji Brgat will gain a new and better opportunity to develop and improve the quality of life for the population which will have a positive impact on the demographic situation and the economic opportunities of the area.

The City of Dubrovnik will also benefit from the Golf Park Dubrovnik Project through the repeated improvement of the existing water supply.Specifically, the previous phase of the project’s development required the reconstruction of the existing water supply system to the City, which is currently located across the area of the Srđ plateau.