Spatial planning

 Spatial planning

The idea of a golf course on the mountain of Srđ dates from the last century, from the 60's and ever since the project of the construction of golf courses and related facilities on Srđ has been mentioned in the spatial plans of Dubrovnik City, the county and the former municipality of Dubrovnik. The development of a spatial plan is the formal sequence of activities and a prerequisite for obtaining the necessary permits for construction.

The procedures relating to the development of the Urban Development Plan (UPU) was started on May 21st 2013 by a preliminary discussion and continued through a public discussion during which the general public had the opportunity to see the Golf Park Dubrovnik project which was displayed in the lobby of the Marin Držić Theatre. In addition to the plans, visitors were able to see a model of the entire project, and a 3D video presentation. At the same time, an environmental impact study  was being prepared and it was completed in parallel with final UPU adaptation by Dubrovnik-Neretva County in 2013 upon with the public discussion. 

Listening to the suggestions of our fellow citizens we have included facilities in the Golf Park Dubrovnik Project that will become a favourite place for families and the young. Creating the vision and working on the next steps of development of the Project, considering the opinion of citizens and the professionals, respecting all the provisions and guidelines of the authorities, we produced a complete documentation for obtaining a Location permit for the entire scope of the Project. In October 2015 Location permit is issued for entire scope of the Golf Park Dubrovnik Project, by the Ministry of construction. 

The main objectives of the Golf Park Dubrovnik Project are the maintenance and valuation of the existing spatial identity, adherence to the principles of sustainable development, and the achievement of a new level of quality. With the revitalization and preservation of cultural and historical heritage, we want to educate visitors, and create an educational destination.

The availability of the educational and recreational facilities (such as riding schools for children, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts ..) will be to the people of Dubrovnik all year round.

The reconstruction of the cable car intensifying communication with the City and increase the accessibility to the plateau, where we want to create a feeling of comfort and uniqueness.

Landscaping the entire area with indigenous Mediterranean species will create an extremely valuable urban area (park and promenade).

The combination of tradition and modern elements is a promise of a perfect destination for all ages, where everyone will find something of interest.

Connecting the fortresses, the preservation of the monuments, the opening of museums and galleries will provide additional educational options and additionally promote the rich cultural heritage of Dubrovnik.