Sustainable development

 Sustainable development

Environmental sustainability

Greg Norman is known for minimal changes in the environment and the maximum use of indigenous natural characteristics. Greg is one of the leaders of the "Environmental Institute for Golf" which has the mission to strengthen the compatibility of golf courses with the natural environment.

One of the main guidelines of the Golf Park Dubrovnik Project is environmental awareness. We have a vision of changing the currently ruined area of the mountain of Srđ into a green oasis of fresh air and natural vegetation that will remain a valuable heritage for years to come.

We are aware that environmental protection is a fundamental prerequisite for long-term and sustainable development, therefore it is extremely important to respect these principles for the future of our project. We will adapt the golf course to environment in which it will be built, not vice versa.

Note: Golf Environment Europe elaborated the relationship between ecology and golf. They came to the conclusion that golf courses do not directly preserve or harm the environment. This relationship depends on the degree of attention paid to the environmental details in planning, design, construction and management of any golf course.

Bearing in mind that water is the most important natural resource, the Golf Park Dubrovnik will take care of rational consumption. The Ombla spring will be used as the sole source of water to supply water to the golf courses and other facilities.

The quality of the Golf Park Dubrovnik is based on an active concern for the environment. In this way we also want to contribute to the development of the town and the region. Spacious green areas will ensure casual and relaxed atmosphere and the public space of a higher level of quality will benefit the entire community.

Artificial lakes are a part of the project and they will add more beauty and special features for all visitors. We want to create a space rich in biodiversity. Strolls in the parks and woods which will cover the plateau of the mountain of Srđ will enable visitors to relax in the idyllic atmosphere away from the noise, traffic and city bustle.

Social sustainability

The Razvoj Golf Company takes pride in socially responsible business and takes care about the community in which it operates. Our guiding principle is "We can all agree that the business results or the size of the project you are carrying out are not the only measures of success or the size of the company. The size of the company is also determined by the contribution to the community in which you work and which you live with."

Close cooperation with universities in Dubrovnik, investments in education and caring for our employees are just some of the guidelines we implement. The development of our employees and their satisfaction are also important to us.

We also care about the local community.

Razvoj Golf published a tender for awarding grants in the year 2010 entitled "A new swing for your projects" and received donation requests totalling over 4 million HRK. A total of 216,424 HRK was donated to projects in the field of social welfare, education, sport and culture. 

Economic sustainability

We are aware that business significantly contributes to the economic prosperity of society and economic sustainability supports the responsible use of resources. The Golf Park Dubrovnik will put Dubrovnik on the world map as an elite golfing destination, which will be of great benefit to the local community. The Golf Park Dubrovnik creates added value to all people of Dubrovnik and its visitors. We believe that the Golf Park Dubrovnik will have the ability to provide a memorable experience and help in continuous attraction of guests. We wish to ensure the quality of life for local people, and of course to preserve the natural environment.