Urban Development Plan of the Srđ Plateau

Urban Development Plan of Srđ Plateau which can be found on our webpage was made by experts so that the public can have the detailed knowledge of the Srđ Plateau project construction and repurposing into touristic and recreational centre. The study is intended for citizens of Dubrovnik and tourists that visit Dubrovnik and its region.

Even though the project is still in a development phase, it is our wish to present it to you as a whole. In this way, we can create a transparent dialog with the interested public and also obtain constructive critique and eventually, suggestions related to this project.

From its very beginning, this study was devised so to represent a minimal intervention into environment. It is our wish to secure a balance between nature and new objects, and also to create a lot of greenery and open space, as well as multiple public amenties for the benefit of the citizens of Dubrovnik, and as well for the tourists.

Besides the offer of various touristic facilities, it will also secure presently deficient attractions to the citizens of Dubrovnik – primarily sport facilities that Dubrovnik is lacking in its supply to satisfy the needs of citizens.

It is our wish to inspire everyone who is interested in this project on thinking and participating in the process of its realization, so that we can, along with our common ideas and efforts, come to an ideal solution for the future of Dubrovnik and its region.

Urban Development Study of Srđ Plateau analyses overall spatial plateau organization, suggests and analyses the forms of construction, provides insight in public facilities that will be offered to the visitors, and also analyses the important infrastructure for sustainability of this project.

Activating the Srđ plateau is an important intervention for long term architectural development of Dubrovnik, due to its area, size and position of the grasp in relation to the city of Dubrovnik. In this study, 4 different scenarios of the possible plateau uses were analysed. Moreover, visibility of the plateau from wider and narrower area as well as the impact of visibility on possible construction zones, were analysed. Furthermore, the border determination is suggested and identification of zones with sensitive visibility was made. Spatial relations of functional units planned on the plateau are analysed. The scheme of the linear park with a program of public facilities is suggested and the possibility of establishment of a new spatial attractor (the Green Belt of Dubrovnik) is implemented.

This study gives an insight into a spatial layout of golf courses as well as into the spatial layout of construction in golf, and the possibility of establishing the construction grouping system into ambiance spatial units. Likewise, the overall analysis of the existing fortifications on the Srđ plateau was conducted and their protective zones were established.