Razvoj golf got the first building permit

Company Razvoj golf owned by Aaron Frenkel obtained the first building permit for the construction of the Sport-recreational center with golf courses on Srđ.They got the building permit for the construction of the main public road with infrastructure from the entrance to the Sport-recreational center to the access road towards the tourist area Bosanka North.

That is the first step towards obtaining many necessary permits that are required for the realization of the Project, first of 230 permits that they must obtain, says the president of the City Council of Dubrovnik Mato Franković (HDZ).

All those permits must be obtained according to the location permit that they got recently. This permit refers to the public road which extends from Žarkovica through Šumet. This public road will be the property of the City of Dubrovnik, and the company ‘Razvoj golf’ is the investor of the project documentation so that the public road that will be used primarily by the citizens of Dubrovnik, and by the company Razvoj golf also, can be built - says Franković.

Construction will start soon

In October 2015 in regular procedure, the location permit regarding construction of the Sport-recreational center with golf courses, construction of water supply pipeline and the reconstruction of the public road from the road D8 to the Bosanka was issued. On the basis of that permit, nearly 300 building permits for the buildings within the scope of the location permit are expected – Ivan Kusalić, proxy of the company Razvoj golf replies.

With the issuing of the location permit the terms for requesting and issuing building permits have been met. This building permit refers to the construction of public road with infrastructure, 600 meters in length, from entrance 2 (entrance Žarkovica) to the access road towards the Tourist zone Bosanka – north.

The applicant for the issuing the building permit was the City of Dubrovnik because this is the matter of the public road

We hope to start with the construction in 2016. according to the terms of each building permit – says Ivan Kusalić.

Source: Slobodna Dalmacija, 10.02.2016. by Dube Marjanović Ladašić