A new swing for the community

  • New jobs

  • New knowledge and know-how
    Our desire is to achieve the best possible cooperation with the local community, and one of the prerequisites for mutual understanding and cooperation is the active participation of local experts in conducting such a large complex. We have initiated discussions with representatives of the Universities of Dubrovnik regarding the scholarships to young experts in the field of tourism, and in other forms of cooperation in order to empower and educate new young forces. 

  • Upscale guests (golfers spend 150-200 €, of which only 26 € relates to golf) 

  • New landscaped areas
    The eco-oasis on the Srđ plateau will be created in the newly landscaped areas. We intend to plant indigenous species characteristic for this region. Children's laughter and the sound of play will definitely resonate on the specially designed children playgrounds. 

  • Healthy living

Facilities open to the public

  • Golf PGA - brand of Greg Norman

  • Greg Norman Golf Academy - (the first Greg Norman school in Europe) 

  • Equestrian Club 

  • Horse trails 

  • Bicycle trails 

  • Promenades 

  • Bocce courts 

  • Tennis courts 

  • Volleyball courts 

  • Basketball courts 

  • Indoor football courts 

  • Linear park (10 km) 

  • Botanical garden 

  • Children's recreational park

  • Sculpture Park and landscaped gardens

  • Picnic parks and sports and recreational parks

  • Shopping mall

  • Wellness & Spa centre

  • Holistic centre

  • Pools

  • Nikki Beach Club

  • Restaurants

  • Bars

  • Taverns

  • Patisseries

  • Lookouts

  • Amphitheatre

  • Museums

  • Art galleries

  • Restored Imperial Fortress

  • Other restored fortresses (Strinčera etc.)